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There are many ways to live a holiday in Cattolica!

We propose you a stay of care and detail in our hotel run by a family, but we know that some of you may prefer a type of reception where it is less tied to the classical time, typical of a hotel.

And then? We have a perfect solution for you! We can put at your disposal comfortable apartments and a few steps away (50 metres!) from the hotel Milton and hotel Savoy, in via Dante n.73, only 50 meters from the sea!

Essential services for your holiday

The two two-room apartments are inside a building renovated on the second floor, with elevator. Are located in a very quiet area in the heart of the summer life of the Catholic church, and include a kitchenette with a complete kitchen with fridge and oven.

Their location is really strategic , between our facilities!
This will allow you to experience the best of your vacation days, overwhelming you every comfort without any constraint!

Why? Simple: you'll have the freedom of managing your time, and if you want, the fine cuisine of our chefs at your disposal. It is possible to have lunch or dinner at our environments: the ultimate convenience!

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