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Cattolica is the queen of the Adriatic, the kind face of the riviera romagnola.

Cattolica boasts an age-old tradition tied to the sea. It is a small town on the coast but also the historic crossroads between the north and the south, where the ancient customs linked to the the navy merged with those of the nearby Apennines.

Cattolica is a small town perfect to accommodate families and children. The bottom of the sea, golden sandy and slopes gently towards the Adriatic sea, welcoming the children and their games in the water in total safety.

Cattolica for all

Pleasant, safe, lively but never noisy, Cattolica runs very easily on foot, in the company of the grandparents of your children and their strollers and prams.

Cattolica has hospitality in the blood, read the pleasure of hosting made in the eyes of the people you meet and, above all, in people who receive there, like us!

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