Villages and castles in the Outback Romagnolo
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Our hills hide many magical secrets: unique places with stories to discover and tell!

Ours is a seaside town, with behind soon, to the Apennines. They accompany in the valley between the two rivers, the absolute protagonists of the territory: the Conca and Marecchia.

There are therefore two valleys to visit! The Conca valley and the Marecchia valley. Both are full of charming small towns and offering in the summer, pageants, and entertainment of great quality. The Conca valley embraces Montefiore, Saludecio, Mondaino, Montegrimano, Montescudo, Monte Cerignone, Gemmano...

Val Marecchia

The Val Marecchia offers San Leo, Torriana, Verucchio, Santarcangelo, Pennabilli...

Each country has a soul all its own that you will see our territory from new points of view and fascinating! What are you waiting for? Ask us how to get to the treasures of our region!

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