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Amusement Parks

Romagna has always been synonymous with fun! But in a sense only one of its kind! The theme parks are a true icon of our tourist tradition, give that touch of valuable experience to the whole of your adventure is spent in Cattolica at the hotel Milton!

The amusement parks are special destinations that are suitable for all ages: water slides, water vortexes and great emotions all’Aquafan of Riccione, culture, surprises, technology, Overseas, also in Riccione. Fairy tales, wonder, and dreams to Fiabilandia, Rimini, Italy, from a perspective never seen to Italy in miniature, also in Rimini.

In short, a range of irresistible alternatives to take flight and intensely live all together.

Happy families

The whole family is having fun in a magical and unique! The memories of your stay in the Romagna region we print in the heart and will be all the more vivid: absolutely unforgettable.

We like to help you make your days here at thehotel Milton is still more exciting and interesting: ask us for information on tickets, hours, directions... make your vacation a masterpiece is for us the greatest satisfaction!

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